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Meddling Mansions
Hamish McCorkle has a very odd family. His grandmother is half
dragon, his father plays strange musical instruments, his mother is
a yodelling tram conductor, and Hamish himself can talk to birds.
When his Uncle Weaver (the black sheep of the family) pays a visit on
Hamish's ninth birthday, the family know he's up to no good. But it's
not until Hamish rescues his sister Eugenie from the clutches of
Weaver and the amazing Eye Spy that the McCorkles realise exactly
what Weaver's up to.
  Basilisk Villa
    Eugenie McCorkle thinks she's the only normal member of her
    very odd family. But when she dyes her hair green just before
    her twelfth birthday, she sets off a strange chain of events.
    Together with her half-dragon grandmother and her brother Hamish
    (who can talk to birds), Eugenie uncovers a mystery from the past.
    But evil Uncle Weaver - the black sheep of the family - has his own
    plans for the powers unleashed by Eugenie.
 Frivolity Theatre
  Granny Firewall is half dragon, and the oldest of the very odd McCorkle
  clan. When a seagull flies in one day, Granny Firewall hears a message
  from her past.
  Together with her grandchildren Hamish and Eugenie, she travels back
  in time to the once glorious Frivolity Theatre, where she helps the 
  Dandy Nongs with their present troubles. But evil Uncle Weaver is still
  lurking behind the scenes ...
 The Amazonia Sisterhood Recycling 



  When a tiny black package wrapped with hairy red string arrives at the

   Amazonia Sisterhood Recycling Depot, the sisters are puzzled.

  Where had it come from, what was inside it, and what did it mean?


  Then Luke and Shasta find a magical key. Follow their journey as they

  discover what the key will unlock, and what it has to do with the tiny

  package, two dancing alpacas, and a crying bearded lady!


 The Bud and Blossom Shoppe


  When the smell of magic in Buzzwick Street changes, it's not for the better.

   Flowers start to die, and then Cissy, Cosmos and Farley disappear. And why  

   do a ladybird, a cockroach and a fly suddenly begin hanging around?


   Shasta and Luke are convinced that Councillor Cadwallader has something to

   do with these mysterious happenings. Find out how they get to the bottom of  

   this puzzle, and just what the evil councillor is up to this time.



 Lila's Latte Palace

  When Lila and Alphonse decide to hold a Masked Ball in their

  cafe, Councillor Cadwallader is furious. He hates people having

  fun, and he will do anything to stop it!


  But the councillor is trapped in the Spookytent's mirror as  

  punishment for his last wrongdoing. How will he carry out his 

  evil deeds now? Who will help him? And how will the Buzzwick

  Street residents try to stop him, so they can enjoy their ball?



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