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As you will see elsewhere on this website, one of my pen names is Jaz Ghent.

Over the years I have written under other names according to changing circumstances.

Here is a selection of texts I have written for educational publishers.

Alison Stutley:

Our Garden; The Circus Clown.

Janet Stott:

Fun and Games; Fowler's Family Tree; Please Don't Sneeze (Retold trad tale); We Make Patterns; What Can I See?; I Like Me.

Janet Stott-Thornton:

The Story of Amy Johnson (non-fiction); The Tree, The Trunk and the Tuba (fiction); Shadows; The Puppet Show; Rainbow Parrot (retold trad tale); Monkey and Fire (retold trad tale); The Moon and the Mirror (play); Waves.

Collections of trad tales retold:

The Shady Deal  (with Brenda Parkes)

Fortune's Friend (The Magic Talisman)

Story Collection: Four-Legged Friends (Dick Whittington and His Cat retold)

Fold-Out: The Fox (trad song retold in rhyme)

Janet Stutley:

Pip the Penguin (fantasy); Eggcellent (fantasy);  Knitwits and Woolly Sweaters (fantasy);

The Get-Well Wall; Garden Park; That's Wild; Dolphin Rescue - all realistic fiction;

Sky Colours (play); 100-Year-Old Animals (informational non-fiction) Gregory Hines:

Tap Dancing Man (biography).

Content-based Fiction: Too Close to the Sun (retold myth); The Big Wheel; Neighbourhood Soup (play); The Red Lantern Festival (play based on a folktale); The Gollywhopper eggs (play based on a tall tale).

Inside Stories: The Hare and the Tortoise (text for cartoon story: SuperTort and Hairy Hare)

The Four Dragons (retold myth; the Chinese Zodiac; Learning How to Fly)

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (retold fable; Through My Eyes - a sheep's eye view)

Tiddalik (text for K.G.ROO, magazine article; Bangarra and The Secret Spring, play)

The Wood-Ash Stars (Days of My Life,  Helena Hyena's diary)

Kites: (Read-Aloud Plays) The Crimson Slipper (retold trad tale; The Crocodile Smile (told in rhyme); Deep Blue Boogie (told in rhyme); Grumpity Granny (told in rhyme); If Pigs Could Fly; One Night (told in rhyme); Rapunzel (retold fairytale); Wallaby Dreaming (told in rhyme)

(With Julie-Anne Justus) The Cat That Walked Alone (retold Kipling tale);

Fire From the Sky (retold trad tale)


And a few odd ones:

Emma Francis: The Big Brass Band (Foldout)

Rupert Harley: Listen In! (Foldout)

Jay Hilton (with Janet Hillman) The Stranger's Gift (Play)

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