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MASSIVE MICROPROTEST hosted by Stephen Taberner

Tomorrow, June 23rd, 12.30 -2pm: this event is a developing attempt to start fracturing that veneer of normality around the issue that is deserving of most urgent attention: climate change. in a pre-agreed area of the city, passersby encounter ordinary people, going about ordinary business, but carrying signs which clearly show there is an important issue concerning the person involved, but which don't necessarily give that away.... I LOSE SLEEP ABOUT IT/ HOW ARE WE GOING TO EXPLAIN IT TO THE GRANDKIDS/ IT'S NOT VERY SEXY SUBJECT /IT'S THE BIGGEST THING RIGHT NOW/ IT'S REALLY URGENT/ WE SEEM TO BE DANGEROUSLY BORED BY IT the sign carriers are indistinguishable from the general public, and they may choose to wander into shops, bars, and restaurants with their sign. some are alone, some are in twos and threes. eventually the passersby will spot the sign that tells them that IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE. the event photo is of us doing MM 1, 2 weeks ago. We had absolutely no negative feedback and plenty of positive interactions. I'd greatly encourage anybody to do their own thing with this: it is an act which exposes you, but for me, the experience was liberating. it's like I wasn't pretending any more, and I think that's what needs to happen, on a very large scale any more. things are not ok, and our own government's response is utterly woeful. there will be the chance to meet beforehand and make your sign, for which we can supply the ingredients and probably some cheap labour. we'll work to make all of the signs create a kind of story. they'll all be black writing on white, and they'll all refer to climate change as "IT". we'll work an appropriately sized area, so that people will encounter the "right" amount of signage... please email me at to confirm that you are coming, and what you'd like to say. there will be more updates here about various other details. please spread the word gleefully, this is an important experiment in people power!

Map of Melbourne City nr Fed. Square

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